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  • Get a Jump Start on Holiday Weight Gain

    Although the Holidays aren’t officially here, there’s never a bad time to start planning ahead to maintain your healthy lifestyle. We hear it time and time again just as the New Year hits; flocks of people start looking into joining their local gym. Most with the mindset of whipping themselves...
  • Karen Saatkamp: Breast Cancer Survivor

    Karen, an avid distance runner, a longtime participant in RPM, SPRINT, and Body Pump, and long time member of the RiverPlex found out in February of 2015 that she had breast cancer. “Every year I have a mammogram. I’ve been doing that since I was in my thirties. In 2015 I went in for my annual mammo...
  • Sue Wheeler: Breast Cancer Survivor

    Sue Wheeler, RiverPlex Supervisor since October of 2016, was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. “Well first off, they followed me for years upon years upon years (at the doctor’s office) for fibro adenomas. These are like cysts. I had cysts all the time and surgeries all the time to remove these cysts....
  • Why is it snowing already?!

    The summer season is coming to a close. For those of us in the Midwest, this means less 90 degree weather, less pool time and getting ready to scrape inches of ice off of our windshield before heading to work. When it’s easier to stay out of the cold, huddle under a blanket and sit by the fire at ho...
  • My Balance Sucks!

    Balance is a word thrown out a lot. You need balance in your life. Balance in your nutrition. Balance in training. All phenomenal blog post topics, but the purpose of this blog is simply to talk about the “balance” while actually performing an exercise! There is nothing more frustrating than feeling...
  • Group Exercise Launches

    It’s Launch Time!  Have you noticed launch schedule signs and posters around the club and wondered what they mean?  Our group exercise program keeps things exciting by offering NEW material every quarter.  The launch schedule will include every class format we offer (except Yoga and Pilates as...
  • Kids Yoga

    In more recent years yoga and mindfulness have gained popularity in adults due to the ever rising need to use it to help reduce stress and anxiety. And in a lot of recent studies, it’s proven to be helpful to use with children as well! Due to the increased amount of stress placed on children i...
  • Jenn Helms: Breast Cancer Survivor

    “You know when there’s a long wait that it’s never good.” Jenn Helms, a member here at the RiverPlex since 2001, was at her regular mammogram appointment in 2013 when her results came back positive for breast cancer. “I thought I did everything right, I led a healthy lifestyle. I was a nurse for 31...
  • Anna Kinkade: Personal Story

    Hi! My name is Anna and I am a group fitness instructor here at the RiverPlex. I’ve been teaching here since 2007 and currently teach RPM, SPRINT and Body Pump. In 2013 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and in light of that, I wanted to share my story. It’s my hope that by sharing, I...