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  • Staying Healthy on Vacation

    Tis the season for summer vacations!!! Several families are making plans for a fun filled trip to try new and exciting activities that all can enjoy. When you’re on vacation, it is easy to forget the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to staying healthy while on vacati...
  • Trails, Trails, Trails!!!  

    The Peoria area provides several opportunities to enjoy the nice weather and nature. Many parks have trails where you can go walking/hiking, running, biking. These trails are good to take advantage of with family, friends, or by yourself. Here are areas you can go to:   Paved trails/paths: Beck...
  • Staying Healthy this Summer

    Kids, it is very important to stay healthy this summer so you can have fun and enjoy your time off before returning to school in the fall. Here are 5 tips to staying healthy this summer:   5 Tips:   Rest With school out for the year your normal school routines will change, but it is important t...
  • Working Out With Friends

    Working out is always better with a friend. Having someone to lean on is better than doing this alone. Here are 5 benefits to working out with a friend:   5 Benefits:   Keep each other accountable When you have a set schedule, it is important to always show up so you don’t miss a day of getting...
  • 5 Ways to Make Eating Healthy Fun!!!

      Colorful Food Rainbow Take a piece of paper and draw a rainbow. Within each section, write in the different healthy foods that match with each color of the rainbow. This helps children learn about the different healthy fruits and vegetables. This activity makes it fun and enjoyable for the ch...
  • Utilizing your Time Outside

     If you are tired of exercising inside on a nice sunny day, exercising outdoors can provide various benefits to the individual choosing to workout outside. Benefits include: Improves your mood Enhances your self-esteem Connects you to your environment, and people Increases your appreciation for the...
  • Yoga for Kids

    Yoga for Kids Yoga for kids helps stimulate the physical, mental, and emotional abilities of a child and its fun for them to enjoy! Benefits of yoga for kids: Promotes a healthy body Manages stress through different techniques Builds concentration Increases their confidence and positive self-image D...
  • Farm to Table

    Have you ever wondered what foods are the best to purchase right now? Here is a list of seasonal produce in Illinois: Asparagus Cherries Dark leafy greens Leeks Lettuce Onions Peas Radishes Rhubarb Sprouts Squash Strawberries If you are curious about what foods are in season in other regions of the...
  • Yoga in Park

    Yoga is a very useful technique to make you feel better physically and mentally. Yoga has become a beneficial activity to participate in and offers many health benefits: Improves flexibility and balance Builds strength and increases muscle tone Supports joint health/ prevents back pain Teaches bette...
  • 10 Ways to Manage Stress

    If you have been following our blogs, hopefully you’ve already read the article on managing your bank account. If not, close this, scroll down, and read that one first! In summary, your body has a bank account full of reserves needed for you to be awesome at everything you want to do. To feel good,...