Working Out With Friends

Working out is always better with a friend. Having someone to lean on is better than doing this alone. Here are 5 benefits to working out with a friend:


5 Benefits:


  1. Keep each other accountable
    • When you have a set schedule, it is important to always show up so you don’t miss a day of getting your workout in. Having someone at the gym with you can hold you accountable to keep your promise of exercising that day and help you to work hard.
  2. Push each other further
    • Exercising with a friend can push you to do each workout accurately and to the best of your ability. Friends can be very motivating and encouraging during workouts. They are like your own personal cheerleader, like you are for them as well. They are there to push you to test your limits and vice versa.
  3. Try something new
    • When you have a set schedule, for your work outs, you can do something new each day. One day you may work on arms, while the other day you do cardio. It is good to break up the work outs so you don’t do too much too soon. You can always try new work out exercises that are recommended to you, or use the internet to find other types of exercises.
  4. Longer workouts
    • Don’t spend multiple hours on one workout session, set a time frame of when you want to start and stop your workouts. Work outs can seem to take a long time depending on what you decide to do that day. If you keep yourself busy with different exercises the time will go by fast. Having a friend with you can bring great conversations that will make the time enjoyable and fun.
  5. Recovery time
    • After completing your exercises, it is best to stretch out your muscles to improve your flexibility and prevents muscle tightness so you are not as sore the next day. Once you have done your stretches you probably worked up an appetite. It is a good idea to replenish your body after a long work out with a healthy meal or snack. Also, grabbing yourself some water after you have worked out can rehydrate your body.

author: Angela Bland