Don’t know where to begin?

Our Healthy Start Program is a free, one-hour course designed to help members create their own workout program. This includes learning the FITT principle and proper form, and designing your own strength, cardio, and flexibility routine. You will also learn the basics of healthy eating, weight loss, and goal setting.

Sign up by calling the RiverPlex sales desk at 309-691-1542.

Corporate Wellness Services

RiverPlex’s certified Professional Health & Wellness Coach, Amber Parkinson, will come to your facility and lead wellness classes with your employees to help them better succeed in their job and personal life.  Some of the topics Amber can discuss include Stress Management, Mindfulness, Positivity, Happiness, and Emotional Intelligence.  If you have different topics that may meet the needs of your employees better, Amber can alter the class to fit your facility.  Each class is 45-minutes in length.  It will involve a lecture portion, question and answer, and one or more group activities.

On Site Pricing

One visit – $150
Three visits – $399
Six visits – $650

All visits are one hour in length, including a 45-minute class. This will allow for any questions after the class is held.