5 Ways to Make Eating Healthy Fun!!!


  1. Colorful Food Rainbow
    • Take a piece of paper and draw a rainbow. Within each section, write in the different healthy foods that match with each color of the rainbow. This helps children learn about the different healthy fruits and vegetables. This activity makes it fun and enjoyable for the children to learn what they can get at the grocery store to take home and try.
  2. Allow kids to cook with you!!
    • It is great to have your children be involved in choosing or preparing the meals. Having this type of responsibility will be a great confidence booster. They get the chance to feel good about their accomplishments and develop an interest in trying the new healthy foods they created. Cooking together brings laughter and joy to both the child and the parent. They develop a closer relationship between each other while they cook.
  3. Go, Woah, No Foods Activity!!
    • For this activity, set up a poster board and split it into three sections. The first section will be green for “go” foods, the next section yellow for “woah” foods, and the last section color code it red for “no” foods. Then print out a variety of foods and drinks that are both healthy and unhealthy. Take each of the images and place them in the correct category.
      • “GO” foods = healthy food/drinks (ex: apples, milk)
      • “Woah” foods = somewhat healthy foods/drinks (ex: granola bars)
      • “No” foods = unhealthy foods/drinks (ex: chips, soda)
    • This teaches the kids about the differences between healthy, somewhat healthy, and unhealthy foods/drinks.
  1. Playful Critters!!
    • During this activity, you will need a baggie, googly eyes, clothes pin, glue, pipe cleaner, and a healthy food/snack. Have your child pick two healthy snacks to put into the baggie. Take the clothes pin and place it in the middle of the bag, separating the two snacks that have been placed inside. Then you take the googly eyes and glue them onto the clothes pin. Lastly, take the pipe cleaner and bend it into a spiral and place it inside the clothes pin so it will stay in place. In the end, it should look like a butterfly.
  2. Be Creative!!!
    • When you are preparing your child’s meals you can use your creative skills and decorate their plate. There are many healthy food items you can use to do this activity. You can make smiley faces on your breakfast meals like oatmeal. You can also make a palm tree out of kiwi, bananas, and oranges. This makes eating healthy a lot more fun when you can use your creative side.

author: Angela Bland