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  • Yoga in Park

    Yoga is a very useful technique to make you feel better physically and mentally. Yoga has become a beneficial activity to participate in and offers many health benefits: Improves flexibility and balance Builds strength and increases muscle tone Supports joint health/ prevents back pain Teaches bette...
  • 10 Ways to Manage Stress

    If you have been following our blogs, hopefully you’ve already read the article on managing your bank account. If not, close this, scroll down, and read that one first! In summary, your body has a bank account full of reserves needed for you to be awesome at everything you want to do. To feel good,...
  • How I Failed 2018

    You’ve heard us say it before, “Don’t make a resolution, make a decision”. Studies have shown that more than 90% of New Years Resolutions will fail. Studies also show that writing down your resolution gives you an 80% greater chance of reaching your goal! Through a series of podcasts and other resea...
  • Jackie Russell: Slow and Steady

    Jackie has been a member here for as long as we can remember and an employee for a good portion of that time. When Jackie first came to the RiverPlex, it was through a program called Trim Down Corporate Fat to which corporations competed against each other for weight loss. At the time, Jackie worked...
  • Damariz Lamb: Consistency Is Key

    Damariz grew up in Chile, South America. She remembers playing volleyball, soccer, and basketball in physical education class. She was great at it, but didn’t have any interest in participating in any organized sports. Damariz never struggled with weight, always hovering around the 115-120 lb. mark,...
  • OSF Weight Management Program

    Have you tried losing weight before and you just haven’t found the success you’ve wanted? Maybe you’re just starting your weight loss journey, but you want to ensure when you start, you’re making every second count! A lot of people come to the RiverPlex seeking to lose weight, but a large portion of...
  • January Group Exercise Launches

    It’s Launch Time!  Our group exercise program keeps things exciting by offering NEW material every quarter.  The launch schedule will include every class format we offer (except Yoga and Pilates as they change regularly on their own).  These are usually regularly scheduled classes that are designate...
  • Don’t Make a Resolution – Make a Decision

    New Year’s resolutions are much like milk out of the refrigerator.  Neither usually keeps for very long! This is why we often say when it comes to your health and wellness you have to make a decision to live a healthy life and not a resolution to simply loose a few pounds.  Here are a few tips to ge...
  • Mindy Shirley: Success Story

    April 4th of 2015 was that day that turned Mindy’s life around. Starting at 466 pounds, Mindy decided to regain control of her life so that she could be around to watch her nephews grow up. Today, Mindy is happily and confidently at 216 pounds! “I have never been happier. But I have been asked a mil...
  • 5 Ways to Not Be Your Own Worst Enemy

    Accountability is defined as an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. In simpler terms, I think that we often think of this word as owning up to our actions. However, there are a lot of different types of accountability. Accountability can come from many...