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  • January Group Exercise Launches

    It’s Launch Time!  Our group exercise program keeps things exciting by offering NEW material every quarter.  The launch schedule will include every class format we offer (except Yoga and Pilates as they change regularly on their own).  These are usually regularly scheduled classes that are designate...
  • Don’t Make a Resolution – Make a Decision

    New Year’s resolutions are much like milk out of the refrigerator.  Neither usually keeps for very long! This is why we often say when it comes to your health and wellness you have to make a decision to live a healthy life and not a resolution to simply loose a few pounds.  Here are a few tips to ge...
  • Mindy Shirley: Success Story

    April 4th of 2015 was that day that turned Mindy’s life around. Starting at 466 pounds, Mindy decided to regain control of her life so that she could be around to watch her nephews grow up. Today, Mindy is happily and confidently at 216 pounds! “I have never been happier. But I have been asked a mil...
  • 5 Ways to Not Be Your Own Worst Enemy

    Accountability is defined as an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. In simpler terms, I think that we often think of this word as owning up to our actions. However, there are a lot of different types of accountability. Accountability can come from many...
  • Andrea Steffens: Her Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

    Andrea Steffens, the Recreation Manager here at the RiverPlex, decided two years ago that it was time for a healthier lifestyle change. After going through a few rough years of life, with little support on her decision, she made that change and hasn’t looked back. Since 2016, Andrea has lost 50 poun...
  • 5 Steps to Get Out of Debt

    Everyone at some point in their life has struggled with debt. Maybe you’re sitting there reading this with no credit cards, no student loans, and your house is paid off. Good for you! I still guarantee you aren’t fully debt free. What we are talking about today is the number one cause of debt in peo...
  • Member Success Story: Ingrid

    Ingrid Ruschienski, longtime member of the RiverPlex, born in November of 1943 first got into fitness in 1972. “I’ve always been into fitness, not like this though (small group and semi private training options here at the RiverPlex), since 1972 at the YMCA. We were part of the first aerobics class....
  • Healthy Recipes to Use Over the Holidays

    The Holidays can be tough when it comes to staying on track. If you didn’t get a chance to read Jessica’s last blog post on some tips and tricks to help you this season, please click here. But, we thought it might be helpful to give you some recipes for your meal prepping or to take as a...
  • Meeting in the Military

    Here’s a story of two of our own and how they met in the military. Melissa is a group exercise instructor for us at the RiverPlex and her husband, Steve, is a prior GRIT instructor as well. Melissa Fruendt: Melissa joined the 182nd Air National Guard in February of 1998, three days after her 1...
  • Richard Dravis: A company. 3rd Battalion. 8th Infantry. 4th Division.

    October 6 1966. “This day doesn’t mean anything to anybody except for me. This was my 21st birthday and the day that I was deployed. “ Some of the stories Richard told me, we aren’t going to share in this blog but they were extremely emotional. “I graduated from Woodruff High School in 1964. 7 days...