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Contact Staff

Sue Wheeler, RiverPlex Supervisor
(309) 282-1520
[email protected]


Sierra Rogers, Aquatics Manager
(309) 282-1531
[email protected]


Jacob Whitehead, RiverPlex Recreation & Special Events Coordinator
(309) 282-1521
[email protected]


Raquel Herron, Fitness Manager
[email protected]


Angela Bland, Secretary to the Superintendent/Business Assistant
(309) 282-1517
[email protected]


Jenn Crowe, Member Services Coordinator
[email protected]


Meta Rask, Manager of OSF Programs at the RiverPlex
(309) 282-1610 


600 NE Water Street • Peoria, IL 61603
Located on Peoria’s downtown RiverFront

(309) 282-1700
[email protected]