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Hey #rpspfamily. Let’s give coach @jessbahling05 some love on this huge accomplishment! While pursuing being a registered dietitian with a phenomenal viewpoints on practical applications of nutrition, sports nutrition, and mindfulness. No doubt this girl will be successful on whatever she sets her mind to. Crushing triple digits while listening to a commercial on Pandora. Let’s freaking go!
#Repost @jessbahling05 with @get_repost
Finally hit triple freakin digits!!! 😭
while this might no biggie to most of the weightlifting world, for someone born without an ounce of athletic ability in her body who has worked her butt off the last 8 months, I’m pretty dang proud.
Shoutout to @snwinter23 for the mid row high five u rock ✋
#berelentless #LTFF #weightlifting #snatch #aboutdangtime #olympiclifting @ksross93
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@holaitsavannah hitting triple digits! Hard to read but weighing in at 101lbs and proud!
Weighing middle school and high school girls can bring up a lot of red flags in today’s society and in a performance culture. It’s something we went back and forth on whether or not we should as we’ve seen it go horribly wrong sometimes in the coaching world.
We want to make sure there aren’t dangerous weight fluctuations week to week, but also don’t want to encourage a focus on the scale. We will never encourage or discuss weight loss unless specifically asked for help in that area, the parents are involved in the meeting, and a dietitian is involved.
One thing we are the most proud of is that our girls are all focused on strength! Understanding that if they train consistently and build muscle the scale will go up and that’s a good thing! Proud of this little nugget and all our girls for inspiring others to think the same!
#rpspfamily #truestrength #fierce #girlswholiftheavy #biggirlweights #competetivedance #lilnuggetswag
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Senior pitcher at Robert Morris University baseball @hartley3110 hitting a huge PR of 400 for a clean 3 reps..... AFTER baseball conditioning.
It’s going to be a fun year.
#injuryprevention #deadlift #pitcherswholift #attentiontodetail #yourexcuseisinvalid #rpspfamily #brelentless
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