Climbing Wall

Our 30 foot climbing wall is equipped with two top rope routes and an auto belay device. Staff have incorporated several climbing routes that range in level of difficulty for beginner climbers as well as more experienced climbers.  All RiverPlex Rock Wall Staff are belay certified and ready to assist you.

Rock Wall is currently closed.

Members climb free during open climb hours. At this time, there are no one-time visits or punch passes for non-members.


Please Note, children age 13 and under must have a parent present when they climb. Children ages 14-17 may climb without parental supervision, but must have a signed climbing waiver (download below).

Climbing Wall Rules and Regulations


  • Every climber must sign a CLIMBING WAIVER with the RiverPlex or have one signed by their parent or guardian if under 18 years old
  • Anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • In order to belay, belayers must be trained by the RiverPlex climbing staff
  • In order to belay, trained belayers must be on record with the RiverPlex
  • Verbal commands and visual safety check before every climb are required
  • RiverPlex staff has the right to check your personal climbing equipment for safety concerns
  • Only bison chalk balls are allowed, no loose chalk
  • The belayer must remain standing while the climber is on belay
  • Every climber must use a figure eight knot and barrel knot
  • Every climber must belay with an ATC (belay device)
  • Palm down belay technique only. Brake hand always on rope
  • Never drop anything while climbing on the wall
  • Never climb past or unclip the top climbing anchors
  • Never place your fingers, hands, or feet on the metal bolt hangers
  • No down climbing allowed unless you have beenauthorized to do so by RiverPlex climbing staff
  • No cell phone, PDA, MP3 player may be used while actively climbing or belaying
  • Do not climb/traverse under another climber
  • If the RiverPlex climbing wall staff have not personally shown or authorized you to do something DO NOT DO IT


  • Athletic shoes, running shoes or climbing shoes ONLY.
  • Climbing barefoot is not allowed
  • Shirts must be worn at all times
  • Jewelry MUST be removed (necklaces, chunky rings, watches, long earrings etc.)
  • No food or drink (with the exception of water bottles) permitted in the climbing area
  • You may not use the wall if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • No gum allowed in the climbing wall area