Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I wanted to provide helpful tips for everyone to enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving. It’s a time of year to enjoy food, visit family, and take a moment to be thankful. During the holidays, it’s easy to binge on all the food that’s prepared. Here are some healthy tips for this upcoming holiday season:


  1. Portion Control

Before filling your plate, look at the array of food spread out across the table and decide what you would like to have on your plate. It’s best to fill your plate with the food you enjoy. Having a sense of portion control can help you to not get full right away so you would have room for a delicious piece of pumpkin pie or another dessert.

Personally, I have trouble resisting the urge to go back for seconds. With smaller portions, you can enjoy a second helping and not feel guilty about eating more food. Leftovers can be saved and eaten the next day for lunch or dinner.

  1. Don’t Skip a Meal

It is important to eat breakfast and lunch before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. I know you would like to save enough room for Thanksgiving dinner, but it isn’t healthy to skip meals. Come to the dinner hungry, but don’t starve yourself. Skipping meals could lead to some health issues like fainting, a decreased energy level, and overeating the Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Prioritize your Favorite Food

For your meal, it is the perfect time to grab your favorite food to enjoy. I know when Thanksgiving comes I am really excited for mashed potatoes, turkey, and my mom’s pumpkin pie. It is good to include the foods you really love that you don’t normally have all the time. You may eat these foods at other times but there is something special about having them on special holidays with family and friends.

  1. Savor Every Bite

Eating slowly and enjoying each bite will help you to savor all the food. The food this time of year is so good you wouldn’t want to rush through it and get a stomach ache. Also, this is the time to sit and enjoy each other’s company. Stay in the moment of the Thanksgiving glow and enjoy every bit of the dinner and especially the company of family and friends. Bon Appetit!



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author: Angela Bland