You Saved My Life

Have you ever started a weight loss journey and wanted to throw in the towel? You are not alone in feeling this way! Sometimes we try so hard to go, go, go that we forget we have to slow things down and create habits if we truly want long term success.

Marc Fogal, a training participant and member of the RiverPlex family, has been on his health journey for over a year now. He could tell you himself that his mindset today is not where it was when he began.

“What I’ve learned from 2017…My success didn’t require pills, gimmicks, surgery, shakes, programs, etc.  I am capable of much more than I had thought. The only person stopping me was me. To change my life I had to change my mind set.” These are all words from Marc who reflected back on his journey thus far. These are words of encouragement. You are not alone in feeling that you are stuck where you are.

Not only has Marc changed the way that he physically looks, and mentally feels, he has turned his health around for the better! After 6 months of training, Marc went back to the doctor’s office for lab work and these were the results:


7/10/17 – 311
04/26/18 – 248

Total Cholesterol (Recommended Range = 120-199)

10/10/17 – 172
04/26/18 – 111

LDL – Bad Cholesterol ( Recommended Range = 60-99)
10/10/17 – 107
04/26/18 – 59

HDL – Good Cholesterol ( Recommended Range = 41-60)
10/10/17 – 37
04/26/18 – 41

Triglyceride ( Recommended Range = 30-149)

10/10/17 – 138
04/26/18 – 54

Glucose ( Recommended Range = 70-100)
10/10/17 – 88
04/26/18 – 85

Blood Pressure

10/10/17 – 144 over 82
04/26/18 – 140 over 80

Marc’s success story is special, but you too can have one of your own! Marc put in the time and effort to turn his life around. You can too. But how?

We recommend you start with determining your “why.” Why are you doing this? What is it that motivates you? You have to make the conscious decision to change your life and it can’t be for anyone else but you. YOU deserve to be healthy. YOU deserve to be confident. YOU deserve to live your life to its fullest!

author: Angela Bland