Yoga in the Parks

Yoga has been around for centuries, yet it seems that we’re just now understanding just all of the benefits it holds. Yoga has the ability to not only have you gain more flexibility, but the additional health benefits that it could provide such as lowered blood pressure, less anxiety, and more ability to cope with stress is probably why more people find themselves in a class.

So why would you want to move that class outdoors?

Research is showing that spending time outside can have additional health benefits on top of those mentioned above. A 2015 study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that a small group of subjects who strolled through nature for just an hour and a half reported a reduction in negative thoughts. Some other benefits they found included:

  • An improvement in short term memory
  • Restoration of mental energy
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Thinking more sharply – and creatively
  • Boosting the immune system

Since we had such a great response last year to our Yoga in the Parks program, we decided to do it again. The first class is this Saturday, June 3 at 9am at Grandview Park (by the playground). It is free for anyone who wishes to attend. Simply pack up your yoga mat or a beach towel and get ready to enjoy the outdoors while getting in a relaxing workout!

Amber Parkinson
Fitness Manager

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-being-outside-in-nature-is-healthy-2015-6/#-improve-your-mental-health-10


author: Angela Bland