Transformation Tuesday: Mindy Shirley

*I had a weight and health transformation.

*My health was deteriorating fast and I had no confidence at all.  I was very shy and timid with meeting new people.  And the gym was a very scary place for me at first.

*I wanted to change to be alive to see my nephews live their lives and I wanted to be able to do things that I have never done before. (I wanted a real bucket list)

*I have always been a big girl. I have dealt with people making fun of me, people being ashamed to be seen with me, people always judging why i was so big and how i let myself get that way.  I was scared of the gym, as i was hurt at curves and i did not want to be hurt again.  I was finally like I need a trainer to help me get me set up and classes that were easy on my body.  I took water classes and got a trainer 3 days a week.  I had quit before and have wanted to give up and quit many many times.  But I won’t I have come way to far to go back to where i was 2 years ago.  And I only plan on getting better.

*My transformation is still going strong, i try to better myself everyday.  By working out and eating right, I have no plans to ever see 450+ pounds again.

*I can do anything now I put my mind to.  If I try and can not do it I try daily until it becomes possible.  I can go on roller coasters, I can ride the airplane without a seat belt extension, I can drive without my seat being on the furthest back.  I can get on a scale without being ashamed.  These are just some little things that you do not think about but when it happens they are the best victories.  And I have confidence, in not only myself but in things that i want to try.  I feel like a completely different person now than before.  I can actually say i love life. 

*To someone that is starting day 1, JUST DO IT!  You have to want to be healthy its a life change and you won’t see results right away.  If you need a gym buddy find one if you can’t find one reach out to a trainer(my trainer saved my life.  She helped me get to where I am at) or someone you see at the gym and make it a point to try new things.  Find something you like.  Start small and go bigger as you feel more confident with yourself.  


author: Angela Bland