Transformation Tuesday: Lori Mattiazza

Hi my name is Lori Mattiazza, and I have lost 140 pounds. My weight loss journey started about 5 years ago. I grew up in a town where you either drank or you ate, so I ate. I was always known as the funny fat girl, I would say that I hid behind my humor. I moved to Peoria to go to college here, in that process I was blessed with meeting incredible friends, who I didn’t realize at that moment were there to help me start my biggest journey in my life. Sitting on the bench as my friends played indoor soccer or cheering them on the sideline as they would finish races. I then realized how much my weight hindered my life. It was at that moment I finally wanted to take the steps to change. Within that year I started working at the Riverplex! I worked there over a year before I even stepped upstairs to begin working out. I was worried about what people would think of me, and quite honestly embarrassed. I realized that not only did I need to conquer exercise but conquer eating. That is when I joined weight watchers. I lost my first 100 with the program, it was great for me because it taught me the biggest obstacle with food DISCIPLINE. As the weight came off I realized how much I enjoyed working out and eating healthier foods. I joined Building Steam and completed my first 5k, I will never forget that feeling of crossing the finish line. From there I had more races, and then I completed my first half marathon. I remember thinking who is this girl? Two years before I couldn’t even go up a flight of stairs without getting winded to now running a half marathon. My journey continued and I started trying new things at the gym. I started to incorporate weights and high intensity cardio into my routine. When I lost 100lbs I realized how passionate I became about my nutrition and exercise. I then decided to tackle my diet on my own; so I now eat low carb/high protein. After that I lost another 40lbs. That brings me to today.  This journey is not over and it will never be over. The thing with weight loss is that you constantly have to work at it. Days are hard, some days I want to sleep in or I want to have that cookie, or have pizza with my friends. Not saying that you can’t have a balance. My transformation is still day by day. I still have more weight to lose, and some days I can get flustered and compare myself to people around me and then I have to sit back and look at the girl that I once was. I am so so thankful for the people that God placed in my life throughout this journey because without my friends cheering me on, trying new dishes, saying no to me, running beside me it would of made so much harder. This has been the hardest but yet most rewarding journey! From the girl who would sit and watch hours of television or escape through food. To now where I love to be active in form or way, and love to try new and healthy recipes. If you would of told me at over 300lbs that I would be where I am today I would of laughed at you☺ It took one small step, and then the next and the next….

author: Angela Bland