Transformation Tuesday-Cathy Rupert

Fifteen years ago I was at a low point in my life.  I was recently divorced, both of my parents were failing, my son enlisted in the army as a sniper, and my daughter took up skydiving as a hobby.  The realization sunk in that I either had to go on medication to calm my nerves and find some sort of balance in my life, or find a healthy alternative.  I am so glad that I chose the latter.

My girlfriend dragged me to my first yoga class in an effort to find “inner peace.”  I felt out of place, inflexible, inadequate, and clumsy but I had to admit I felt lighter when I left the class.  With continued yoga practice my inner dialogue began to change.  That persistent negative, fearful, and critical chatter in my brain changed to positive, coaxing, and calming.  Yoga had become a kind of self-caring that I had neglected to give myself throughout the years of raising my children and navigating a broken marriage.

Yoga became a passion for me.  Vickie Culbertson, a RiverPlex yoga instructor, encouraged me to pursue yoga certification so that I could be her back up for her early morning classes.  I hesitatingly agreed and sought “Yoga Fit” certification, then continued my learning by becoming certified in Yoga for Wounded Warriors, Yoga for Seniors, Silver Sneakers and even attained by certification as a Personal Trainer.

As I look back I realize that the practice of yoga was life-changing for me.  Today I teach regularly at the RiverPlex and I marvel at the dedication and commitment my students demonstrate.  Being able to introduce the practice of yoga to new students is so rewarding and fulfilling.  And seeing seasoned students grow and mature into their practice gives me great satisfaction.  In all, my personal yoga journey has brought joy and purpose to my life in a healthy and positive way.  Namaste.

author: Angela Bland