The secret exercise that will fix all of your health problems forever and you’ll look like a greek god supermodel and never be in pain again ever

Working out sucks sometimes. If you’re reading that saying “Whaaat? I’m super motivated all the time! It’s gain season everyday with me!” Congrats. But please take your milk jug full of water and leave your opinions to yourself. You’re weird. Stop it.

I literally work in a workout facility. I get access to the private training studio all hours of the day. I have a building code and could come any time of day. I have a masters degree and 10 years of experience and have a template on my computer with over 20,000 exercises. I know at a biomechanical level what enzymes are going on when I workout and when I eat…..

I skipped my workout yesterday. I ate frozen pizza last night. And my nightcap wasn’t a protein shake last night. Fitness is hard.

Barriers to Success

This is coming in a future blog post for more detail. But usually its time, money, and accountability. These are all big time issues, but also big time excuses. Instead of spending 2 hours binge watching Netflix get to bed on time. Or use that time to be more productive. You spend money on your fantasy football league, but can’t pay an extra 10 cents for the more healthy version of that ingredient? Or not get that $15 case of beer? You lose your mind if you’re not by the TV right when “This is Us” is starting, but yet you can’t seem to remember to workout?

Prioritize. Look at the bigger picture. Start creating small habits. You deserve it.

The secret exercise no one is doing!

There isn’t one. If there was, we would all look like Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. It requires a lot of work, but most importantly it requires CONSISTENCY! Do a full body workout 3 times/week. Twice/week do something to get your heart rate above 160 for 10-20 minutes. Stop eating crap. That’s the secret exercise.

But he said….

If anyone said anything resembling “try this exercise if you want…” “I’m on the _______ plan/diet/etc” or “this is the class that got me to _______” Smile and nod and then quickly forget everything they said. There is no secret! There isn’t an exercise variation that burns calories faster, the new group ex release isn’t some crazy government secret, and the sets and reps your trainer chose for you are the same ones the Russians have been using since 1940.

 How Exercise Works

Do what you love. Not what you’re told you’re supposed to love. Your heart and lungs don’t know whether or not you’re on a row machine, running, or doing a trampoline class. They know that you’re making them tired, they don’t want to be as tired the next time, so they tell the brain to make them stronger.

Your muscles don’t know whether or not you’re doing squats, a leg press, holding a kettlebell, or holding a dumbbell. If the weight is heavy enough (check out our TRUE STRENGTH video on IGTV) they know that this feels heavy, they don’t want it to feel heavy the next time, so they want to be stronger so the brain makes them stronger. To do that you need a weight you absolutely could NOT lift 12 times, but other than that its literally that simple.

Necessary Evil versus Monotonous Torture

The spin bike for me personally, is monotonous torture. It hurts my butt. I can’t walk for like 3 days. My form is awful so my back hurts the next day. I sweat more than the normal individual and just become super self-conscious at how bad I probably smell. And that stupid instructor is smiling like he’s at a carnival and I’m over here trying not to pee my pants. I can find a different piece of cardiovascular equipment that will achieve the EXACT same goals, without making me miserable

Doing “cardio” is a necessary evil. I want to be in good shape when I’m older and be an active father and grandfather. I need a strong heart and lungs to do my job at a high level. So it’s a non negotiable. HOW I achieve that though can be with whatever the heck I want, as long as I’m achieving it!

Keep the body guessing!

Another giant myth. The body is a magnificent and perfect machine. It responds and adapts to what you put it through. You could do squats, push-ups, rows, and deadlifts everyday for the rest of your life and still keep getting stronger and losing weight.

What is important, is to keep the mind guessing. Monotony is the #1 destroyer of fitness greatness. Switch it up to keep your mind fresh.


  1. Create a routine
    1. Stick with a routine for 4-6 weeks. WRITE IT DOWN and prioritize it in your week. Then do it! See if it worked and how you liked it, then tweak it if needed!
  2. Explore your options!
    1. We have over 100 group exercise classes/week, over 25 small group and semi private training options, and the building has a track, pool, over 15 different types of cardio equipment, and even more options for strength equipment/exercises.
  3. Have fun!
    1. I’m writing this blog on September 12, 2018. 10/12/2018. Today my cardio will be going at a higher intensity for 10 seconds on the elliptical, then I’ll rest for 12 seconds, and I’ll repeat that every 2 minutes and 18 seconds.
  4. Ask for help!
    1. If you have aches/pains, not sure what that machine does, or what that class is for, set up a meeting with one of our trainers to help walk you through it!

For more information on our private, small group, and semi private options go here! To experience all of our training options, ask the front desk about a 30 day experience!

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