The Scale is Irrelevant

Have you been crushing your workouts lately? Have you been feeling strong and motivated? Are you feeling better about yourself because of the progress you feel you’ve made? Are your clothes starting to fit better? …And then you step on the scale and you’ve GAINED weight?  Don’t be discouraged! The number on the scale is irrelevant to how you are feeling. The scale only tells you how much gravity has an effect on you. Scales have a negative connotation behind them that biomechanically and physiologically pre-dispose you to negative feelings associated with it no matter what the scale reads.

Most people have this concept in their minds that in order to be healthy, fit, and strong that the number on the scale has to be low and has to keep decreasing. Those people are wrong! Do you have any idea how dense muscle is? One pound of muscle weighs the same as one pound of fat, however, one pound of muscle is much more dense than fat.

Did you know that having more muscle means that your body burns more calories at rest than fat burns? This is a huge key in understanding why the number on the scale is irrelevent. The more muscle that a body has, the heavier it will weigh. Muscle is dense, muscle is heavy!

Body composition analysis plays an important role in helping you understand how your body works throughout the day. Here at the Riverplex we use a machine called a Styku. This machine takes a 3D scan of your body, gives you 17 different body measurements and estimates how many calories you burn at rest and the total amount of calories you burn throughout your day. The Styku is able to tell you how much weight you have that is fat versus non-fat weight. This is a key point to remember when going through your workouts. Focus on building muscle, and the more calories you will burn at rest! (In the picture to the left, both men weigh the EXACT same. However, one of them carries more muscle and the other carries more fat.)

If you aren’t happy with the number on the scale, stop weighing yourself! Focus on how you feel! If you are feeling strong, confident, and your clothes are starting to fit better than they have in a while, who cares how much you weigh?

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out what their body composition is through a quick, easy, and private Styku scan, please contact us at [email protected].


See pictures below for more information on how the Styku works and what information it gives you:

This is what the Styku scanner looks like. There is a tower that scans you and a turntable that rotates you in a full circle to get the 3D image  below.



After a scan is complete, this is the first image that loads (below). The green lines are all of the measurements that were measured during the scan. You can click on each one individually, or scroll through a list of all of them on the left.


The picture to the below shows a comparison. This image shows the comparison of two scans (same person) that were completed. Notice the red and green figure. The red outline is the first scan taken and the green is the most recent scan taken.




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author: Angela Bland