Switching It Up

According to exercise scientists at the University of Florida, “an individual who modifies their workouts every two weeks over an eight-week period enjoys their workouts more and are more inclined to stick with their exercise programs.” It is important to switch up your workout routines to prevent boredom and to push your abilities to new levels.


Changing your exercise routine helps you stay physically challenged. If you do the same activity or workout all the time, your body becomes used to that routine. Keeping the same workout routine can be very boring, so it’s good to try to switch things up to add some excitement to your daily routine. Some people may not mind staying with their same routine. Challenge yourself and your body to do something you are not used to doing. As a result, you can feel like you pushed yourself to new levels, and you get to burn more calories with each new routine.


Some examples that you can do to switch your current workout routine include:

  • Increase intensity
    • Boosting your intensity level helps build strong muscles; and by the end, you will you have conquered a new challenge. To increase your intensity when you walk or run, try to add jogging or sprinting or even find a hill to add to your route. Taking an easy exercise, like walking, you can improve upon that activity and make it a step harder.
  • Perform different activities or new challenges
    • It is good to challenge yourself to trying new things like cross train or a new workout routine. You begin to gain new experiences each time you decide to try a new activity for your workout routine.
  • Change the sequence of your exercises
    • By switching the order of your workouts, you are building new muscles to take on a variety of other sports or activities you choose to participate in. Changing the order of your workouts you can hit your target muscles with each exercise. Each week can bring a new muscle group to focus on, like if you exercise your leg muscles the first day you can switch it to maybe the last day the following week.


A great way to switch up your normal routine is to try out a free HIRT (high intensity resistance training) and recovery class held at the Riverplex at 6pm on August 28. This is a great opportunity to try something different and add it to your workouts.


Source: https://www.acefitness.org/education-and-resources/lifestyle/blog/1210/why-is-it-important-to-vary-my-workout-routines


author: Angela Bland