Super Saturday

Super Saturday!

Join us on January 25th from 8 am – 10:30 am for the launches of our group exercise classes.  The schedule is as follows:

Members Gym:

8:00-8:20 RPM- STEVE, DENISE
8:20-8:40 Pump- ANDRE, ALYSSA, Satterria, Sarah S, Anna
8:40-9:00- Sprint- ANNA, ALOK
9:00-9:20- Step – LAURA, JEN G, Andre, Andrea
9:20-9:35- RPM- ANDREA, JAMES
9:35-9:55- CX – ASHLEY M, ANDRE, Andrea
9:55-10:15- Tone- LAURA, JENN S, Jessica
10:15-10:35- Sprint- JAMES, SATTERRIA

Spin Studio:

8:15-8:35- Attack- ANDREA, JEN G, Ashley M
8:35-8:55- Sh’Bam- LINDSAY, JENN S
8:55-9:15- Combat- TINA C, ASHLEY B, Carley, Sarah S
9:15-9:35- Barre- LINDSAY, JESSICA
9:35-9:55- Flow- TINA C, SAMANTHA, Carla
9:55-10:15- Grit- ALOK, STEPH
10:15-10:35- WERQ – SHARLI, KEKE

Upstairs Studio–Yoga Workshop

8:30-8:55 Nancy
8:55-9:20 Vicki
9:20-9:45 Ellen
9:45-10:10 Nancy
10:10-10:35 Vicki


9:00-Aqua Fit and Fun-DeBracca
10:00- Aqua Zumba-DeBracca

Personal Training Studio:

9:30-10:30-Ask A Trainer Table-ask a trainer or answer a question and get a prize
9:30-10:00-Base Training with Lawrence
10:00-11:00-Kids Classes (Two 30 minute classes)
10:30-11:00–Small Group Training Class Stations

Rock Wall:

8:00-2:00-Rock Wall will be open–stop by for a free prize!

Bring a guest for free to any of these–All guests must sign in at front desk and provide valid ID.

author: Angela Bland