January Group Exercise Launches

It’s Launch Time!  Our group exercise program keeps things exciting by offering NEW material every quarter.  The launch schedule will include every class format we offer (except Yoga and Pilates as they change regularly on their own).  These are usually regularly scheduled classes that are designated that quarter to hold the launch.  Launches happen every January, April, July & October. Launch time holds it’s very own special kind of energy.  All new music and moves!  There are at least two instructors teaching each launch class.  Every participant is encouraged to fill out a ticket to win prizes at the end of each launch class.  It gets better- after all launches are done for that quarter, ALL tickets from every launch that quarter go into one grand prize drawing for a free month membership.  Say what?  Maybe you’re calculating now how many entries you could get each quarter for that grand prize….. 13.  Yes, 13 entries if you were to attend every launch!  Another bonus- the class moves will be new for everyone so no need to worry about stepping left when everyone else goes right.  Please note, our classes are built with new participants in mind so even if you miss a launch, each class track builds from the beginning, requiring no previous knowledge of the choreography.  So although launch time is special and exciting, you will still be able to attend class after launch without feeling lost.

It is important to change up your exercise routine every few weeks to give a little shock to your muscles and to keep your body from adapting to the same exercises, becoming very efficient but less effective.  All classes at the RiverPlex change things up regularly so keeping variety in your workout is done for you.  In addition to keeping your body guessing, variety in your exercise routine can help to prevent overuse injuries, build new muscle and keep you from getting bored so you’re more likely to stick with it.  Our instructors are incredible with offering modifications and options for your needs so our classes are achievable for all fitness levels.  You know it’s launch time at the RiverPlex when several people are talking about how sore they are from the new material….. like bragging rights!  The beauty is, it’s the best kind of sore.  The sore that comes from trying something new, from putting yourself out there, from challenging your body.


Classes will use the new material for a minimum of two weeks so you have time to explore the moves, adding more intensity where you can and pulling back where you need.  Then, instructors will begin mixing their material with previously used music and moves until the next round of launches.  This can also be very fun as instructors will likely have different mixes within formats.  For example, if you attend three BodyPump classes a week, with three different instructors, you get three different routines.  The moves may be very similar but the repetitions and counts will vary.  Talk about keeping your body guessing!  As you become familiar with the material you can begin requesting that the instructor mix in your old favorites.  Instructors LOVE getting requests from participants as it’s YOUR workout and we want you to have FUN!

January launches begin on 1/13 with 7:15am GRIT.  Here’s the full schedule:

1/13 7:15am GRIT Strength
1/14 4:30pm Tone
1/14 5:30pm Body Pump
1/15 4:25pm GRIT Cardio/Plyo
1/15 5:00pm CX WORX
1/17 5:00pm Barre
1/17 6:35pm WERQ
1/19 9:15am Sh’Bam
1/20 11:30am Body Step
1/22 5:35pm Body Flow
1/23 4:55pm SPRINT*
1/23 5:30pm RPM*
1/24 5:30pm Body Combat

*You are encouraged to reserve a bike for these classes. Call 282-1700 or stop by the front desk to reserve your bike starting the day before the launch.

author: Angela Bland