January Group Exercise Launches

Join us for all new music and all new moves for each of the following classes. Each class will be taught by multiple instructors, have refreshments available and award prizes to a lucky few individuals.

1/13 7:15am GRIT Strength
1/14 4:30pm Tone
1/14 5:30pm Body Pump
1/15 4:25pm GRIT Cardio/Plyo
1/15 5:00pm CX WORX
1/15 6:45pm Body Attack
1/16 5:10pm WERQ
1/17 5:00pm Barre
1/19 9:15am Sh’Bam
1/20 11:30am Body Step
1/22 5:35pm Body Flow
1/23 4:55pm SPRINT*
1/23 5:30pm RPM*
1/24 5:30pm Body Combat

*You are encouraged to reserve a bike for these classes. Call 282-1700 or stop by the front desk to reserve your bike starting the day before the launch.

author: Angela Bland