Group Exercise Redlight Results

As a result of our redlight process from 11/2-11/18, the following class changes will be made to our group exercise classes beginning 11/26.

Classes to be canceled:
Tuesday 12:00pm RPM
Thursday 12:00pm RPM
Saturday 10:05am Body Attack
Sunday 2:45pm Body Step
Class additions starting 11/26:
Tuesday 12:15pm SPRINT – Andrea
Thursday 12:00pm Tone (MG) – Amber
Sunday 11:30am Body Step (US) – Jen G
Class additions starting 1/8/19:
Tuesday 6:45pm Body Attack (45) in U.S. – Jen G
Classes remaining on the schedule:
Monday 5:15a SPRINT
Monday 6:35p GRIT
Wednesday 5:15a RPM
Wednesday 5:30a Yoga
Wednesday 10:20a SPRINT
Wednesday 4:55pm SPRINT
Wednesday 5:30p RPM
Thursday 5:30a RPM
Thursday 6a Body Step
Thursday 5:35p Sh’Bam
Thursday 6:35p WERQ
Friday 6a SPRINT
Friday 4:30p SPRINT
Saturday 8:05am CX  WORX
Saturday 8:30am GRIT
Saturday 9:15am Sh’Bam


author: Angela Bland