Isac is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Bradley University. He is certified in Ace, fitness nutrition, behavior change, and CPR/AED first aid. He specializes in nutrition planning, healthy habit building, sustained wellness, kickboxing, tone, strength, muscle building, personally tailored programming, and establishing a healthy relationship with food/exercise. “My style of training is fit to the ability, lifestyle, preferences and goals of each of my clients to make sure their training is an efficient use of their time. This means preparing an exercise program with close consideration to the level my clients begin at and progressing through exercises that pose an enjoyable challenge with sustainable intensity. Whether the goal may be for tone, muscle building, strength or building habits that improve overall well-being, I’ll be there to keep my clients accountable! I am here to personally tailor a program that is realistic to ensure that my clients not only reach their goals, but sustain them for a lifetime and strive to reach bigger ones.”