Current Certifications–Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Combat, Body Step, GRIT Series, AFAA Personal Trainer, Ballet Barre, KettleWorX

Something Unique–I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years. I am a sucker for animals in need of a home (my husband has capped me at our current 3 and my favorite band is Simon & Garfunkel.

What made you start teaching group fitness?–A total fluke! I had been working on losing weight from babe #1 and exercising regularly at home. My sister-in-law was approached about attending a Les Mills training and she kind of dragged me along…that was almost 10 years ago! I fell in love with every thing Les Mills and caught “the bug”!

What do you love most about leading group exercise?–Being a small part in someone’s journey to better health. Witnessing determination on participants faces and watching them make gains in their fitness. The swap of energy when exercising together can not be beat!