October Group Exercise Launches

Once a quarter we have our Group Exercise Launches. If you haven’t ever tried a class before, now is the time! New music and new choreography will be presented to members at the times and days below. During these classes we will have multiple instructors, prizes, and snacks for members.

October 11: 4:15pm Body Pump (MG)
October 15: 9:15am Body Attack (MG)
*October 17: 4:55pm SPRINT
October 20: 9:15am Sh’Bam (US)
October 21: 5:45pm WERQ (MG)
*October 23: 5:30pm RPM
October 24: 4:15pm Body Step (MG)
October 27: 8:30am GRIT Cardio & Plyo (US)
October 28: 7:15am GRIT Strength (US)
October 30: 5:00pm CX WORX (US)
October 30: 5:35pm Body Flow (US)
November 1: 5:30pm Body Combat (MG)

*These classes require a reservation, as we have 24 bikes per class. Please stop by or call the front desk the starting the day prior to launch to reserve your bike.

author: Angela Bland