5 Ways to Not Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Accountability is defined as an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. In simpler terms, I think that we often think of this word as owning up to our actions. However, there are a lot of different types of accountability. Accountability can come from many different places; accountability from yourself, to others, for others, and the list could go on. Regardless of where the accountability is coming from there is always one characteristic that they hold in common. Accountability is an essential component to success, and often times will be the factor that makes the largest impact in someone’s life.

  1. Find a Coach

Accountability plays a huge role when it comes to someone’s fitness and health goals. Many times, successful clients will report back and let coaches know what made the biggest difference for them. One of the most common responses is that, “my coaches and other athletes made me accountable.” Now, what does this mean exactly? “I thought accountability meant I had to force myself to go to the gym every day? Does accountability mean that coaches yell at me or make me do penalty exercises if I only did 9/10 reps on bench press?” Absolutely not. Accountability with your coach is the action of building a relationship that fosters the desire to not let each other down. It’s a two-way street. As coaches, it’s our job to come up with a workout that pushes you, words that encourage you, and a partnership that allows you to trust us. This will lead to a feeling of accountability by our athletes/clients. Over time, if there’s a day you “aren’t feeling the workout,” or are “tired,” you notice yourself pushing past it because you now have a feeling of accountability you have to uphold with your coach. Not only are you making it to the gym because you want to, but you’re coming in and pushing yourself because you know that your coach is there for you too and is expecting you to be there. More so, on those off days, it then becomes the coach’s responsibility/accountability to help build you up and leave the gym on fire with motivation.

  1. Find a Tribe

Apart from the accountability and relationship that a coach can form with an athlete, there is also a huge amount of group accountability here at RiverPlex to help achieve your goals. Other than personal training, RiverPlex offers a large variety of Small Group and Semi-private classes. These are all taught by your personal coaches/trainers in the individualized fitness studio. Class sizes stay smaller than large group classes, allowing for one on one instruction with our coaches, all while providing a group atmosphere. When there are 5 other people right next to you pushing their workout as much as they can, it makes it that much easier for yourself to do as well. The small classes become a type of “family” and pretty soon you are showing up to push each other not just yourself through workouts. You know that everyone else in the class is expecting you to be there Tuesday afternoon for Burn Zone, and you feel accountable to be there. All of sudden, you are trying to fight the fight yourself. You have a group of people who are all there and have your back. You hold them accountable and they hold you accountable. Together, the team doesn’t leave anyone behind.

Semi private training and small group training are high energy, high variety, and individualized to help you reach your goals. Not only are you getting the group atmosphere of training, but you are provided with hands-on coaching, specific exercises that work for you, and most of all, a family to help support you. If you haven’t tried them yet, or heard of them, check it out today. It could be the difference you have been looking for! Be accountable, be a member of team, a part of a family, and accomplish your goals with the support of others.


  1. Accept Responsibility

“The state or duty of having personal control over something or someone”

Your mental skills are a choice; you and only you are in control over your emotions

  • Eliminating distractions, focus, self-talk, emotional flexibility, etc.

Your physical skills are a choice; you and only you are in control over what you do

  • Nutrition, training, practice, taking the stairs, etc.


  1. Honesty

“I have not failed; I successfully found ways not to make a light bulb.” – Thomas Edison

There will always be wins, losses, successes and failures

You and only you are in control of how you respond to them

  • If you lose, but you learn from mistakes and work to correct them, it is a win

  1. Make it a ROUTINE!
  • How did you attack every task from the second you woke up until you went to sleep at night?
  • Despise and oppose mediocrity in your thoughts and actions
  • Biomechanically change your brain!
    • Create small goals and crush them (making the bed, packing a water bottle, etc.)
    • Your brain gets a dopamine hit from doing it
    • You literally become addicted to success!

Interested in finding more accountability in your routine? Schedule a meeting with our Personal Training Coordinator to find out a plan that’s right for you! We have another round of RiverPlex Xtreme starting January 10, 2019 – you’ll find nutrition guidance, team workouts and more, all scheduled when it’s convenient for you!


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