Les Mills: RPM



Level: Very hard
Limit of participants

This class will take you on the ride of your life and is the ultimate indoor group cycling experience. This simulated bike ride is perfect for all ages and fitness levels. You ride at your own pace, whether you want a tough ride or want to build endurance.  Bikes are limited, one-day advanced registration is available for our 23 bikes.  Classes that are recommended for reservation are all early morning, evening and Saturday classes.

Call our front desk at 282-1700 to reserve a bike.

  • You can call the day prior to or day of the scheduled class to make your reservation.
  • Once the 1st song of the class starts, any open bikes are given to walk-ins.
  • Participants that no show 3 times after making reservations will be denied reservations in the future.

We will try to accommodate all participants as best we can. Thank you in advance for working with us to make RPM a great experience for our members!