Training Options

RiverPlex Sports Performance Academic Season

This program will run from August until June when our summer program begins. This program will be divided into 4 separate 8 week training blocks. You can join at any time, and each block is adaptable to every sport, season, and position. We will continue to integrate our sports psychology and sports nutrition throughout, and will be offering our Movement Skills/Energy System Development program periodically throughout the school year.

All workouts will be customized based on sport season, academic load, and practice volume. Those who train consistently even in-season, have demonstrated not only maintenance of their summer improvements, but continued and exponential growth of all sports performance qualities.

Training Blocks (8 weeks):

Block I:  August 20 – October 11

Block II: October 18 – December 15
*No Training November 22 and 23

Block III: December 17 – February 18
*No Training December 24 and 31

Block IV: February 21 – April 18
*No Training August 1st

Block Packages:

Single Session Add-On / Drop in – $20

8-Session Block – $135

16 Session Block – $255

***Sessions expire every 8 weeks

Semester Unlimited – $475
– 2 Blocks, 16 Weeks Total

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Sport Specific Camps

K’s Academy Arm Care Peoria

The foundational principles of this program is to individualize, not generalize. By putting each athlete through a comprehensive intake process, we can identify individual dysfunctions and tailor the program to best fit them vs the traditional one size fits all approach.We refine mechanics, strengthen weak areas, mobilize tight ones, create quality movement patterns and teach work ethic! Over the past 4 years, we have work with over 400 youth players. Our main focus of this program is ARM HEALTH and on field performance. When our Arm Care program is paired with a comprehensive strength and conditioning program our average velocity gain is 4.4 mph!

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K's Academy Flyer

Professional Pitching Camp II

All-inclusive pitching camp for area middle school and high school athletes. Focusing on combatting sports specialization and overuse injuries through education, professional coaching, technique analysis, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention.

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RpSp Pitching Camp Flyer

Club Volleyball

Sports Performance training for area club volleyball, junior high and high school volleyball players. Ran 1-2 times/week during their club season. Session dates/times/fees TBD

Outsourced Training & Skill Specific Training

Skill Specific Training

Our partnerships with area specialized coaches and collegiate programs create many additional opportunities scheduled upon request. Ask for pricing and opportunities

  • Position Specific Speed/Acceleration
  • Vertical Jump/Approach Jump
  • Velocity Training (softball/baseball)
  • Sport Specific Skills (most sports and positions)

Full Team / School Training

RiverPlex Sports Performance staff will come to your home gym, field, court, weight room, etc., working with you in your own facilities. Cost varies based on distance, number of participants, and what is all included in your training. This could be all inclusive, or just for specific areas (speed, strength, team cohesion days, etc.) Please contact Justin at 282-1506 for pricing and more details.

Private Training Options

We have multiple training options depending on your goals. Whether you are looking for private individual training, small group training, or team training we have customized options for every sport, athlete, and skill level.

One-On-One Training

SessionsGroup of 3Group of 45+ People
1$30M / 35NM$25M / 30NM$20M / 25NM
5$85M / 95NM$70M / 80NM$65M / 75NM
10$155M / 175NM$130M / 150NM$120M / 140NM
12$180M / 200NM$150M / 170NM$135M / 155NM

Small Group / Team Training

Take advantage of the accountability and motivation that comes when training with others. This team training environment will remain individualized, but will also be able to utilize additional types of training, equipment, and competitive sport-specific drills. Also an opportunity for parents to train with their student-athlete towards their specific goals. Large team discounts available if scheduled through coach or athletic director

SessionsGroup of 3Group of 45+ People
1$30M / 35NM$25M / 30NM$20M / 25NM
5$85M / 95NM$70M / 80NM$65M / 75NM
10$155M / 175NM$130M / 150NM$120M / 140NM
12$180M / 200NM$150M / 170NM$135M / 155NM