Our Philosophy

Our Mission

At RiverPlex Sports Performance, our overall goal is to develop the person, and not just the athlete. Gaining the knowledge and skills to be successful not only in athletics, but in life.


We have over 10+ years of experience specific to sports performance in the middle school through professional levels. Graduate level schooling specific to sports performance, exercise science, and physical therapy making our programs scientifically and physiologically sound, and practically proven. Experience serving as head sports performance coaches at the high school through D1 SEC levels, working with over 20 different sports, 100s of different teams, and 1000s of different athletes.


Whatever the your sport, personality, or goals, we will help you not only reach your full potential, but Unleash It

Our Objective

  • Give each athlete a greater chance to reach his/her optimal potential
  • Help each athlete increase his/her self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Decrease the potential chances for injury
  • Create an environment as positive, energetic, dynamic, and pertinent as possible
  • Utilize numerous resources to not only coach, but educate in sports performance training through a strong emphasis on technique and communication at all times
  • Fostering a team atmosphere promoting cohesion, accountability, focus, discipline, and attention to detail through competition, environment, and culture
  • To administer the absolute best in sport specific programming, decreasing injury potential, increasing sport performance capabilities, and developing the athlete’s mental capacities

Yes, being stronger, more powerful, and better conditioned will win games; however, the teams who develop these characteristics in an environment that promotes team unity and cohesion, and those who foster a culture and lifestyle of focus and discipline are those who build dynasties. Our focus will never only be physical, but will also be on developing the mental characteristics necessary for success in athletics and for the rest of the athlete’s lives.

Our Core Performance Standards


We can and we will invest all of the time effort and energy that we need to into your development, but we cannot care more about you reaching your full potential than you can. Trust and commitment to our programming is the only way you will truly reach your full potential. Whatever happened throughout the day checks out at the door. How can you get better in this moment? How can you help your teammate next to you get better in this moment? Remembering the big picture, but trusting the process to get there.


We need 110%. You need to get to the point where you don’t need a trainer, a motivational video, etc. Your dreams will push you, your goals will push you, the opportunity of a lifetime will push you. We cannot be average anymore. We don’t accept mediocrity here. You can’t do it and have what you want. You can’t give 70% and be what you want. We can’t be 80%. You can’t just be good at 80% and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You deserve phenomenal, you deserve to truly reach your full potential at 110%, but it won’t be given, it must be earned. Fail Harder. We aren’t afraid to fail. We will go 110% every set, rep, exercise, and drill. And we will hold our teammates accountable for the same.


Doing everything you do be it through training or everyday life at a pace that all others are physically unable, or mentally unwilling to match.


Everything we do will be at a championship tempo. We will train harder and smarter than every other team. We will be stronger, more powerful and in better physical condition than every competitor we face. Not only that, but the high level of intensity, discipline, focus, and overall tenacity we show will mentally shut down and defeat our competitors. Even if by some chance they could compete, they mentally cannot even come close.



These performance standards are 100% between you and you. Your competitor has no control over them yet they are the x-factors in competition no matter your sport or position. They are skills meaning they can be developed, and mastered, through habitual practice. We will help you develop these skills making them subconscious habits that your competitor has no control over.

You have the opportunity to make a dream become a reality.

Are the habits you have today, on par, with the dreams you have for tomorrow?

Attitude, Effort, Tempo, resulting in successful habits.

The true secret to success.

That is who we are. These are our standards.

Why We Do What We Do

All of the above be it physical or mental are skills, meaning that they can and must be developed through habitual practice. When these things are developed and incorporated into every activity in training and life we can mentally train to be optimally successful.


From the second you wake up and make your coffee, get better. Make it just a little better than the day before, and the next day even better. Walk to class earlier so you can get a better seat. Take notes better than you ever have before, and the next class take even better ones. Be the first one to the door so you can open it for the person behind you and smile and greet them better than you did the previous time. Plan your meals ahead of time better so you can be optimally successful for each one.


Every training week, training session, exercise, set, rep, rest period, get better.


All of this will translate to optimal performance. When there are two minutes left in the game, the match point, or whatever the case may be, we have trained our brains to be focused and disciplined whatever the circumstance. We have done so harder and more diligently than any competitor we face. We will sprint out and stare our competitor in the face no matter how tired our body actually is, we mentally can overcome it and our tempo will not be affected. We can lock in and focus on every tiny detail of what needs to be done, and we will execute without even having to think twice.


When these skills are practiced, they become second nature, and optimal athletic success is achieved.