Whether you haven’t gotten off the couch in 3 weeks, you’re a weekend warrior or in great shape looking to shed some additional body fat… You deserve to be here. Join the RiverPlex for a comprehensive 8-week weight loss competition! You will work out in groups, establish a well-rounded nutrition regimen and have accountability with trainers and dietitians along the way. This program isn’t for a “demographic”, it’s for humans. We will demand your best. Give max effort & you WILL see results. Don’t be average, be extreme!


RiverPlex Xtreme sessions:

1st session – January 15-March 15
2nd session – March 29-May 31
3rd session – October 4 – December 6

Program Outline:

Participants will choose 2 workouts per week to take part in. These must stay consistent through the program, as they will be assigned a trainer from that small group training class they choose.


During the 8 week program, participants will have access to a virtual classroom. All weekly educational sessions will be viewed through this portal. After each educational session is viewed, you will be asked to do a quiz and post in the virtual classroom.


Points throughout the program will be awarded by attending training sessions, completing quizzes, and involvement in the virtual classroom discussions.

Training Time Slots (April 2018)

Base Training

-Fri – 9:00am

– Tues – 5:00pm

-Wed – 5:30am

-Thurs – 9:00am

– Fri – 5:30am

Coach’s Choice

-Tues/Thurs – 1:30pm


-Mon- 5:30am & 5:00pm

-Tues – 9:00am & 5:30pm

-Thurs – 5:00pm


Important Program Dates (for program beginning in January 2018):

  • March 29 at 5:00pm or 6:00pm: Kick Off at the RiverPlex
  • April 2: Workouts Start
  • April 2-6: First personal training consultation and assessment review
  • April 23-27: Second personal training consultation
  • May 21-26: Third and final personal training consultation
  • By May 26: Final weigh in
  • May 31 at 6:00pm: Awards Ceremony


Most Body Fat % Lost

Most Weight Lost

Most Inches Lost