• 07/25/2017
  • 12:30 am - 01:30 pm
  • July 25-August 31
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • 5:30 am, 9:00 am, or 5:30 pm

Tired of spending hours at the gym doing cardio just to burn those pesky extra calories? Is your schedule too busy for a time consuming weight lifting routine? What if you could burn loads of calories and build lean muscle at the SAME time in just an hour or less? Good news – you can but it might H.I.R.T!

High Intensity Resistance Training is a form of exercise that will push your body to its ultimate limits. By incorporating weight training and cardio into a fast paced routine while you’re racing against the time clock – you’ll be working both aerobically and anaerobically to torch calories and build lean muscle. It’ll be quick, it’ll be sweaty, and it’ll be worth it!